Each of these pieces are a collaborative improvisation by the two artists Ron Schmitt and Ric Hall. The paintings are created without plan or forethought, while working side-by-side, painting simultaneously. We have been working in this format since 1983.
Presenting the pastel paintings of Ric Hall and Ron Schmitt.
All paintings are a collaborative work.
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Point at the painting to read the title.

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New pieces completed in January.

Saturday Night AgainQuestioning ConcludedDisappointing EventSerendipitous AlignmentIn Concert 2006Perilous Head Turning

New pieces completed in February, March, April and May.

the LayoverDebutant Warm-upthe Spokeswomantaxithe Effects Of Moonlightthe Pietàshe Caught My Eye As She Turned To LeaveJamwith SurveillanceTruth MisspokenLimo LuxuryEquator Equinox Bring Back My Meth Muleto-ing And Fro-ingSpiritual AssimilationAbsence Of VeneerDriving ForcesAntagonists ShieldMurder Mystery Dinner TheatreLove Cupboard MoldInverse Theater BackstageQuartet Ensemble

New pieces completed June, July and August

Spot Light On Friday NightBackline Ball MovementCouples Changing Room For The MindAnd One Makes Fourthe ReplacementsBaroque RevivalSvengli and TrilbyCuban Nightsthe Next RoomSummer's Mystery NovelGo If You MustOld Boys ClubAnxious CheckHat Check S.N.A.F.U.A Puzzlers MazeListening With IntentTales Of Man - When Poe and the Bard CollideNight SchoolSport at the End of the BarReflecting On CompromiseShared VisionPublic RendezvousThe Moment Everyone RemembersSunday Morning Cafe Nudge

New pieces completed in September, October and November.

Adirondack Sun SetEOff Broadway ReviewsLap Dance Of LuxuryYesterday's Fading LightCommunity SupportMidnight Inveiglementwhen Conversations SwerveKeystone ConundrumBeckmans LegacyVoters RightsToast To The Way Things WereSmokers indignityMusical ChairsPassions ExposedTrain SongsMorning Hazethe Evenings Events Left Everyone With A ClueHeretical Hand-OffWringing The Notes OutConcierges DilemmaPast Events Are Hard To SwallowResults ExpectedDowntown MarqueeLiving Beneath The Cloak

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