Each of these pieces are a collaborative improvisation by the two artists Ron Schmitt and Ric Hall. The paintings are created without plan or forethought, while working side-by-side, painting simultaneously. We have been working in this format since 1983.
Presenting the pastel paintings of Ric Hall and Ron Schmitt.
All paintings are a collaborative work.
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Point at the painting to read the title.

Click on painting to view a detail version.

New pieces completed in late 2006 and in January 2007.

double La Via Bidet The European Way Foyer Anonymity Selection Guaranteed The Weight Of Heaven And Earth Affection Paranoidal Proffer's Anxiety Crowd Control Outside Marquess Of Queensberry Rules Communal Review - Stripped Of Deception Illumination Separation Watering Hole Console

New pieces completed in February.

Overseeing Social Clean Up Split Stage Performance Magnetic North Passing Through The Veil Of Grace When Size Is No Longer Important Mythological Love wrestlingWithOnesOwnSexuality

New pieces completed March.

Locker Room Confidential Rush Hour Delay Newtons Ascension redeployment In Progress A Documentary

New pieces completed in April and May

Second Rows InBourgeois LunchShe Wears Her Persona Like A CloakGrabbing Mother Natures BountyHonoree Dinner RecoilUniversal Light Transcendental Interventiondoorbell InterruptousmardiGrasRevelersKitchenette Interviewthe Edison ProjectGlass Ceiling WornWhen Sickness And Health Are Too MuchLunch On The Inner Harbourthe Lime lightersShadow InterruptusIrreconcilable Deferences

New pieces from June and July.

Slide Of Hand Heat Wave Computer Dating Compatibility Not Now Announcement Pending Boardwalk Hi-jinks Unsuspected Misleading Fighting - Environmental Effects But Can She Type

New pieces from August and September.

Riots Of The West - Cultural MisunderstandingsDueling At DuffysMy Internet MeFriday Night Suburban BBQel Gaucho The Romance Of LifeSummers With My AuntsImportance Of RemembranceReleaf ReportedCritical UpdateDomestic HorticultureInhibitions DiscardedReview Of Evenings PastBattle Of The Ying And The YangMoonlight AttractionLast Callthe Moment Of TransgressionMore Summer FunGuilty By AssociationIntrospective PortrayalPact NegotiationStories Retold

New pieces completed in October, November and December.

navigatingSocialEddies fridayNightCritics atLovesFrontDoor supportAgainstAccusation whenToQuestionRoutine theOptimists blueMoonDanceFloor readingMyOwnThoughts speedDating whenNightWrestlesWithDay madamInHerBoudoir manFollowingTheSpoorOfMan burningBushTheEarlyYears momentOfConfession

© Copyright 1983– Ron Schmitt and Ric Hall all rights reserved.

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