Each of these pieces are a collaborative improvisation by the two artists Ron Schmitt and Ric Hall. The paintings are created without plan or forethought, while working side-by-side, painting simultaneously. We have been working in this format since 1983.
Presenting the pastel paintings of Ric Hall and Ron Schmitt.
All paintings are a collaborative work.
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New pieces completed in January.

Walk On ByThe BathMe And My ShadowBound By DecisionAviarianClub DanceJoted Awake From A Waiting NapSearch UnresolvedFelina Would Whirl

New pieces completed in February.

Corporate ChumTurn Around And Sit DownA Difference ReflectedAgency ComplacencyBig Cats PlayClassy AcknowledgementRubber NeckersPrivate ReflectionDefense Of The Drain

New pieces completed in March.

Following The Co-PayParental Concernslobby ReunionDesperate TimesA man Against The WorldAttention UnwantedOlympic SignalChaperons SuspicionMathew 14-26Cyclic Fraternization

New pieces completed in April.

Adolescence RemovedArtificial LifeArtist ExcuseDisappointment Reveledmidnight Oversightwait UpBurning Bridges

New pieces completed in May.

Coveted StationMid Night CafeAbsence SensedAccustom RantInclusion InsistedPeople Ride In A Hole In The GroundPocket PoolTea And ConfessionThats What You SaidTwo Sides To ABed Time StoryUnder-tow

New pieces completed in June and July.

Crooners ProjectionEast Corner CollectionMedieval MidwiferyQuitting An Evenings GrimaceReflection Of CompanionshipREM-sleepReversed OpinionUrgency In TandemWatery Walk

New pieces completed in August and September.

pairedDepartureSummers ReflectionsGregorian TheaterPopular ConsentTraditional LightMatched ComponentsMélange MénageCubical CollectionDaughters Silhouette
Attic StorageTopsy TurvyCaught In The WeaveAccident ResponseTeam PursuitAccount NotedDeparture Of FashionStreet Side EncounterTres SombrerosNo Voice Of Her OwnStacked To One Side

New pieces completed October through December.

Slippery When Wetjudicial DebateRadiant ConfluenceCoupling CannonadeGathered ResolveOverlapping LoveSpeculators GazeLunch BreakThe Face Of The CrowdUnfazedSanta05Double TakeRed And Green Dancing GirlsSupport In TandemDebateMeow Batman MeowShedding Light On A Dark SubjectMelting PotDefection NotedGolden GazeRunway StrutSeparation ImminentHerculesHall MonitorCornered With Ones Thoughts

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