Each of these pieces are a collaborative improvisation by the two artists Ron Schmitt and Ric Hall. 

The paintings are created without plan or forethought, while working side-by-side, painting simultaneously. 

We have been working in this format since 1983.
Presenting the pastel paintings of Ric Hall and Ron Schmitt.
All paintings are a collaborative work.
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Click on painting to view detail version.

New pieces completed in January.

Walk On By The Bath Me And My Shadow Bound By Decision Aviarian Club Dance Joted Awake From A Waiting Nap Search Unresolved Felina Would Whirl

New pieces completed in February.

Corporate Chum Turn Around And Sit Down A Difference Reflected Agency Complacency Big Cats Play Classy Acknowledgement Rubber Neckers Private Reflection Defense Of The Drain

New pieces completed in March.

Following The Co-Pay Parental Concerns lobby Reunion Desperate Times A man Against The World Attention Unwanted Olympic Signal Chaperons Suspicion Mathew 14-26 Cyclic Fraternization

New pieces completed in April.

Adolescence Removed Artificial Life Artist Excuse Disappointment Reveled midnight Oversight wait Up Burning Bridges

New pieces completed in May.

Coveted Station Mid Night Cafe Absence Sensed Accustom Rant Inclusion Insisted People Ride In A Hole In The Ground Pocket Pool Tea And Confession Thats What You Said Two Sides To ABed Time Story Under-tow

New pieces completed in June and July.

Crooners Projection East Corner Collection Medieval Midwifery Quitting An Evenings Grimace Reflection Of Companionship REM-sleep Reversed Opinion Urgency In Tandem Watery Walk

New pieces completed in August and September.

pairedDeparture Summers Reflections Gregorian Theater Popular Consent Traditional Light Matched Components Mélange Ménage Cubical Collection Daughters Silhouette
Attic Storage Topsy Turvy Caught In The Weave Accident Response Team Pursuit Account Noted Departure Of Fashion Street Side Encounter Tres Sombreros No Voice Of Her Own Stacked To One Side

New pieces completed October through December.

Slippery When Wet judicial Debate Radiant Confluence Coupling Cannonade Gathered Resolve Overlapping Love Speculators Gaze Lunch Break The Face Of The Crowd Unfazed Santa05 Double Take Red And Green Dancing Girls Support In Tandem Debate Meow Batman Meow Shedding Light On A Dark Subject Melting Pot Defection Noted Golden Gaze Runway Strut Separation Imminent Hercules Hall Monitor Cornered With Ones Thoughts

© Copyright 1983– Ron Schmitt and Ric Hall all rights reserved.

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