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Any and all of the paintings on this web site are available for purchase... unless there is an annotation indicating the painting has been sold.

Having been sold however will not keep you from having a print of the painting you like as prints are available for ALL of the paintings, sold or other wise.

With the price of the paintings indexed to our exhibition prices you have to contact us for painting prices... our print prices however are not.

Print prices are as follows:

8.5" X 11.25" for $65.00 plus shipping
12.25" X 16.375" $125.00 plus shipping
Full size 17" X 22.5" $330.00.

Send us an email via one of the links below to let us know which painting you want a print of and we can have the print to you just days after we receive your payment. Shipping runs about $20.00 additional to the cost listed above.

Ric Hall   or  Ron Schmitt  .

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